Politically Incorrect Toys

Tiny Ding Dong

ET Finger

Mary the Housewife

Beetle Bailey Cap Gin

Am I Like Father

Detective Gun

Lovable Smoking Pet

Chemtoy Cap Bomb

Red Indian

Junkyard Dog

Chinese & Minstrel Makeup

Gay School Bus

Remember when we were kids and had the coolest toys to play with? Did you have plastic cowboys and indians, or get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas? Boy, those were the days… Unfortunately, you can’t find those toys anymore. They’ve become – politically incorrect.

This project is a social commentary on how toys have changed over the years and how we, as a society can change our views about what is or is not socially acceptable. Some of the toys may be controversial, but that’s the whole point. Sometimes we need a little tension to start meaningful conversations.

As a country, we’ve made great strides to to equality, but at the same time we’ve gone backwards in some ways. We’ve lost the ability to laugh at ourselves and enjoy the individuality in each other. Wouldn’t it be great if we could put aside some of our sensitivities (once in a while) and find humor in our differences?

Read more about the project on WIRED and THE HUFFINGTON POST.

Above photographs: Tiny Ding Dong, ET Finger, Mary the Housewife, Beetle Bailey Rubber Band Gun, Am I Like Father, Detective Gun, Lovable Smoking Pet, Chemtoy Cap Bomb, Red Indian, Junkyard Dog, Chinese & Minstrel Makeup, Gay School Bus.


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David Murphey