Honolulu Photographer David Murphey

Seems I’m always stuck in a hotel someplace. At least I have my trusty tripod!

Hi there, David here!

I’ve been a professional photographer in Hawaii for over 25 years, and I work with advertising agencies, graphic designers, public relation firms and their clients. My assignments range from lifestyle photography, resort advertising to food and product photography.

This month’s featured project is a portfolio of images for the Ohana East.  This was a fun, multi day photography assignment, shooting all room categories for this iconic Waikiki hotel. View the project to see. >

My current posts on Instagram @dcmurphey are photographs from a recent trip to Death Valley.  The valley is my happy place, my Disneyland, my Shangri-La.  I love the colors and light you only get in the desert.  There’s about 20 more images I’ll be sharing from Death Valley.  Next month I’ll be sharing photos from a new travel destination, so stay tuned!

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to talk about your next photography assignment.

david murphey

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