Hawaii Photographer David Murphey

I’m back in Hawaii from a quick assignment in Las Vegas.  As usual for this time of year, it was hot!  Ignoring common sense, I left the air conditioned casinos and took the 1/2 hour drive to Red Rock Canyon for an afternoon of landscape photography.  The desert canyon is absolutely beautiful, and I’m quite pleased with the set of photographs I got.  See the Red Rock portfolio >

Hotel and resort photography by David Murphey in Hawaii.

For my commercial photography, I’m featuring an assignment for the Ohana Waikiki East Hotel.  This ended up being a pretty fun multi-day project.  Most of the photography focused on rooms and architecture, but we also had a few neat lifestyle shots to spice things up!  View the Ohana East portfolio >

About me:  I’ve been a professional photographer in Hawaii for 25+ years, and I work with advertising agencies, graphic designers, public relation firms and their clients.  My assignments range from lifestyle photography, resort advertising to food and product photography.

About the website:  The site has 2 main sections, Projects and the Journal. Projects are just that. Assignments or long term personal work that’s been organized into a story or portfolio. Journal entries are posts with just a few photos or single photos. They aren’t complete stores, just neat photographs I wanted to share.

You can follow me on Instagram @dcmurphey for daily updates of my latest landscape photography and travels.

Please feel free to contact me about your next project.  I’d be happy to discuss photography solutions, and talk about how I can help you promote your ideas, products and services with great photos!

david murphey